Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh, the hairstyle woes of a housewife.

You know, I had my hair in a nice cute bun earlier. A minute ago, I was walking through my room (to sit my fat ass down in bed, because I obviously have no intention of doing anything productive today) and I walked past the mirror and had to stop and back up and look again.

Upon further inspection, it appears that my hair took it upon itself to fall down (which is fine and perfectly normal - obviously, I mean I require a bun or a ponytail 99% of the time for various reasons, I think I know by now that it doesn't stay perfect and in place 6 hours later) and turn into an abomination.

It's not like it simply loosened and fell down my head. No. It fell, it took lots of shorter baby hairs around my face down with it, causing one of those "crazy-lady-with-hair-sticking-out-everywhere" situations, and then a frizzy, tangled, rat's nest ponytail of an ordeal where my bun should be.

So my hair has a mind of its own, and clearly not a very intelligent one. If my hair had even an average IQ, it would know to IMPROVE the situation residing on my head instead of slaughter it.

But, the good news is - I now look like I've been doing LOTS of housework today. I may be able to trick myself (and perhaps my husband) into thinking I've actually cleaned house!!


**Edit:** To clarify, I have yet to correct my hair into a civilized state of being. If I fix it now, how will my husband ever be fooled into thinking I've been doing actual productive things around our house?!

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