Sunday, January 27, 2013

I have no clever title for today.

I don't really have much to post about today--well, I do, but my head is pounding and I don't feel like it.

But, I did want to offer a cleaning tip that some of you may or may not already know. I discovered it a couple weeks ago by trying something out, and just had to utilize it a few minutes ago because my six year old son still eats like a 1 year old baby--messy face, grubby hands, and OHMYGOD CRUMBS--and got tiny bits of Goldfish everywhere.

So, cleaning tip of the day:
If you have a microfiber or suede couch (and probably any type of couch that isn't leather, really), then you know how hard it is to wipe crumbs and dirt off of it. You wipe with your hand to get it into your other hand or onto the floor to be swept/vacuumed, and it just sticks or bounces around, moving to a different cushion or falling between cushions, frustrating you to the point that you'd rather set the couch on fire than deal with it again. Right? Is that just me?

Ok well anyway, if you take your little hand broom and use that to sweep the crumbs off the couch into the dustpan (or just onto the floor, cuz fuck it, the floor's already filthy and needs a good sweeping anyway), this works WAY better than the previously mentioned "method." You have to sweep them off a couple times cuz they don't just slide right off, but it is a much more efficient method.

Another good use for your hand broom: use it to wipe the dust off of your baseboards when they're looking disgusting, and then sweep it all off the floor. Then have your husband or one of your kids (whoever is annoying you more at that moment) go behind you with a damp cloth and quickly wipe the baseboards down. Seriously, if you use the hand broom to do it first, it makes "cleaning" them WAY easier.

Hope this is useful! Enjoy!

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